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What is the max lien fee that can be charged in NC

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What is the max lien fee that can be charged in NC

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Lynn Sykes on Thursday 09/28/2017 at 03:12PM wrote:

The NC self storage act ( lien law ) is silent on fees outside of the late fee for rent that is paid late. With that said, the lien fee that a property charges must be spelled out in the rental agreement.

We prefer an itemized fee structure That is charged when the event occurs versus a lump sum one time fee. Fees charged should be high enough to motivate customers to pay sooner than later but not so high that they are considered exorbitant.


Lien Letter sent $50
Cut lock fee $35
Lien Advertising Fee $50 ( charged if their unit is in the newspaper ad)

Hopes that helps!

Kevin Leebrick on Monday 10/02/2017 at 11:10AM wrote:

Like Lynn we also itemize. We charge:
$75 Lien Fee
$25 Cut Lock Fee
10 UCC Fee

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