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Notice from the NCSSA re: COVID19

Dear Members and Friends:

The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in a very fluid situation for the self storage industry and our country as a whole. This has helped frame our path forward and will continue to be our guide as more information is made available.   The NCSSA has answered numerous calls and emails to assist our members with their uncertainties – it’s encouraging to see our members diligence and commitment to good faith core values .  During moments like these, we believe that combining our resources and working together is the only option. 

This journey is not one that any of us expected or planned and these unique challenges will pass in due time. I wish there were words to convey my compassion for the impact this has had on your lives personally and professionally. The important part is that we are doing what needs to be done to help one another.  I remain hopeful and optimistic for the future; the NCSSA and your board is here to continue to provide support, guidance and information as we navigate these uncertain waters. 

Our board continues to monitor executive orders, other industries and other states to ensure we are being consistent with our efforts and strategies.  The self storage industry will remain strong and united and the NCSSA is ready to answer your call to action and support our members in every way possible.  Stay safe and well!

Well Wishes,

Robert High and the NCSSA Board of Directors

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