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A Andrews Mini Storage - Robert Clayton

Does anyone have a outline/timeline starting at the time the tenant is late until auction that they could share?

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Kevin Leebrick on Friday 01/19/2018 at 02:23PM wrote:


Give me a call. 704-282-9999.

In short:
at 5 days past due you can lock them out of unit.
At 15 days past due you can begin Auction process and
at 36 days past due you can sell.

Amy Coumbes on Friday 01/19/2018 at 03:50PM wrote:

If you go to Members Only and choose the "Resource" Option and choose Forms and Policies at the top there is a Auction Checklist.

Ashley Misselwhitz on Thursday 01/25/2018 at 03:29PM wrote:

Sorry I'm confused. The Auction Checklist/Worksheet says in section 4 that you can inventory/start auction process as early as 16 days late. I then looked at the NCSSA Lease and in section 2 it says
"Any account thirty (30) or more days’ delinquent will be assessed an amount set forth above as a LIEN FEE along with all collection, auction preparation, advertising and other charges incurred..."
Where does the 36 days come from after you start the auction process?

Kevin Leebrick on Friday 01/26/2018 at 11:10AM wrote:

The top one outlined here are the minimums per the NC Lien Law. The auction checklist under the members section is the recommended timeline via the NCSSA.

The NC lien law says at 15 days you can begin the auction process and sell 21 days later hence the 36 days past due.

Sorry for any confusion.

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