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Preparing a presentation for a public hearing next week for a zoning change for a self storage facility


I am preparing a presentation for a public hearing next week for a zoning change for a self storage facility in my neighborhood.I know there will some opposition.I really need some advice on the following questions.

Additional traffic generated.I have read that it would generate minimum traffic,but is there anyway to show some kind of study?

Concern over land values being affected.

I also have a feeling there will be concern over the lights at night.And any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Kevin Leebrick on Wednesday 05/10/2017 at 05:14PM wrote:

Don, The traffic depends on how big the unit is. Are you looking for build? What size?

Concerns over land values...that's often a concern. Look on Zillow to see the affects. There is very little effect, in suburban areas there is usually a net positive because of the new development that is often associated.

This can be a real problem depending on the types used.

Give us some more information and I can better answer your questions. Thanks

Kevin Leebrick on Thursday 05/11/2017 at 08:27AM wrote:

On average I have about 7% ingress/egress each day, about 35 people. I would suspect you will be about the same. This 7% stretches across our whole portfolio that has 5 stores or about 2500 units in 5 separate and distinct areas of the city.

I would strongly suggest LED wall packs; they tend to keep the light down where you want it to be vs pool lighting which typically causes a lot of "light pollution"

Good Luck.

Connie Long on Thursday 05/11/2017 at 04:35PM wrote:

Our experience in getting through zoning is a few sour neighbors can really be a big problem.

We personally spoke to our closest neighbors to let them know the changes that were coming and what to expect.
Otherwise they will have there own expectations that they will voice at the town meetings which can influence other neighbors and impact the decision.

Good luck!

Eddie Stallings on Thursday 05/11/2017 at 09:55PM wrote:

Don, I am currently going through a somewhat similar situation.. I purchased a piece of land next to my facility to expand on which has to be rezoned. My advice is to hire a good engineering group that has a rapport with planning and zoning to represent you. I also addressed my neighbors to reassure them of my intentions. Good luck!

Kevin Leebrick on Friday 05/12/2017 at 11:52AM wrote:

Great Advice Connie and Eddie!

Steve from Trachte on Thursday 05/18/2017 at 04:21PM wrote:

Hi Don,

"Cutoff" wall packs do a nice job of limited light spread while still illuminating your drives and units opposite of the building that they are attached to.

Offering to not allow night access, reassuring them that you will have cameras and gates can help with security concerns.

Landscaping is an inexpensive curb appeal tool that is worth doing anyway and may help win acceptance.

Nearby property owners may feel better if you agree to not use cyclone fencing but instead use more attractive picket fencing. Try to avoid any architectural requirements that would force you to add brick or stucco on door jambs between units. Limiting architectural treatments to the office or endwalls keeps costs and maintenance down.


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