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Auction notification templates

Pete's Place Storage - Kristen Perry

I cannot find templates for these letters listed on the Auction Worksheet. Can anyone provide templates (or resources for), please?

From Auction Worksheet:
7. _________Mail or E-mail notice to tenant and any person having a security interest in the property. Notice shall include-see SB448 2 a-d. (These letters are sent regular 1st Class Mail). Must wait 10 days after this mailing to proceed.

8.__________ Mail the Notice of Sale via certified or registered mail to last known address of both tenant and person with security interest twenty or more days prior to date of auction.

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Kevin Leebrick on Friday 07/21/2017 at 01:08PM wrote:

This is talking about Lien Holders Primarily, but not exclusively.

There is no form letter. Rather, most just send a letter of Lien to the Lien Holder.

Barbara Hancock on Monday 07/24/2017 at 01:43PM wrote:

Way back when we began in 1997, our attorney drafted the lien letter and sale letter for us to use. I will be happy to send you a copy that you can retype and use. Please provide your email address.

Kristen Perry on Monday 07/24/2017 at 01:58PM wrote:

Thank you, Barbara! My mail is This will be a huge help. Thanks again -Kristen

Jenny Furr on Friday 07/28/2017 at 09:36AM wrote:

Hi Barbara, would you mind emailing me a copy as well?
Thank you so much :-)

Jimmy Rowe on Thursday 08/17/2017 at 03:42PM wrote:

Barbara, would you include me on your form letters also? I will retype. Thanks. Hickory Metro Mini Storage

Erik Hemingway on Wednesday 12/27/2017 at 09:41AM wrote:

Barbara, I'm new to the Auction Process as well, any samples you could forward me would be greatly appreciated, especially the Lien Notice. Thank you.

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