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Eviction due to safety concerns

Affordable Self-Storage, LLC - Lee Gay

We have asked a tenant to have their belongings out of unit by the end of July 31, 2017. She has not moved belonging out. We have had to call the police to property twice after the 4th & 5th incidents between her and her friend on the property. The friend tried to attack one of our employees. We gave her a letter on July 19th letting her know that she needed to vacate the unit by July 31st. Due to the safety of our other clients and office personnel we need to get her off the property. I was told at the courthouse that they do not see in the General Status that we are not required to do an eviction on her thru the court system. Can we just put her belongings out?

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Barbara Hancock on Thursday 08/03/2017 at 03:11PM wrote:

I would say it depends on what you said in the letter. We generally always give customers a 30 notice of any changes involving their unit. If the letter mentioned that after the 30 day period anything still in the unit would be disposed of at manager's discretion then I would say you are free to do so.

Kevin Leebrick on Tuesday 09/05/2017 at 04:56PM wrote:

You just need to terminate the lease. It's a month to month lease. Either party, with the appropriate notice, according the the lease can do us by giving the agreed to notice. When that day passes she is no longer a tenant and you can dispose of the items. I'm not an attorney so that's not legal advice.

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