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Sharing NCSSA Information and Events

Sperry Van Ness - Robert Lauer

I am finding most SS owners in my county (Iredell) are not NCSSA members (only 6 of 36) and unaware of the conference in Charlotte on the 13th. Will try to get the word out to as many members and non-members as I can. Also to my fellow commercial RE brokers around the state specializing in SS.

Note From NCSSA - We appreciate the initiative of this Associate Member! Associate Members, please do promote our NCSSA events and Association in order to make NCSSA even stronger!

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Eddie Stallings on Friday 12/01/2017 at 07:56PM wrote:

Robert, this response I know is a month or so late but I appreciate the effort you’re putting forth to add to our membership. I’m doing the same thing in my hometown Greenville. Again we appreciate what you are doing and we would welcome you to join our membership committee if you are interested. Thanks

Robert Lauer on Friday 12/01/2017 at 11:59PM wrote:

Hi Eddie. I would be honored to help on the membership committee. I can be reached at either or 704-954-4633. Much thanks and appreciation. Bob

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