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Auction Question/Wrecked Car

Eagle Self Storage/ B&G Enterprises LLC - Bart Salvaggio

I have a unit that we planned to have in an auction later this month, but it contains a wrecked car.
Can I just have this car towed and let a towing company handle the paperwork with the DMV etc.?

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Kevin Leebrick on Tuesday 11/21/2017 at 02:47PM wrote:

In a case like this, be it wrecked or drivable, I will sell the unit with the car in it for "parts". There are probably others that would suggest other things. It will be interesting to hear what others will suggest.

Lynn Sykes on Thursday 11/30/2017 at 01:51PM wrote:

I would agree with Kevin - either sell it for parts only (I would have the auction bidder sign a form that you are selling it for parts only) or I would have it towed off the property.

Highway 69 Storage on Thursday 12/07/2017 at 03:09PM wrote:

Titled vehicles have specific regulations to follow and cannot be sold at unit content auction. We went thru the process with DMV and it took 5 months and filing fees before we could conduct the sale. Best bet?....... call an authorized towing company to handle the proper paperwork.

Kevin Leebrick on Thursday 12/07/2017 at 03:54PM wrote:

Sorry I forgot that, we do make them sign that the sale of the vehicle is for parts only.

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