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Are most Facilities dropping the use of traditional hard copy Yellow Page advertising ?

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Kevin Leebrick on Monday 12/04/2017 at 01:16PM wrote:

YES. I think a much wiser choice would be to shift to online advertising.

Kris in NC on Thursday 12/07/2017 at 02:51PM wrote:

Yes! If you want to spend money then Google ad words, or if Yelp is popular in your area, then Yelp. Make sure your business comes up on the front page of searches is the best.

Highway 69 Storage on Thursday 12/07/2017 at 03:02PM wrote:

So...... what is your customer base? We still use both social media and directory advertising as over 60% of our customers are 55 and older.
They refer mostly to the yellow pages.

Lynn Sykes on Thursday 12/14/2017 at 04:07PM wrote:

Responding late here but we have found that even in the most rural locations (with an older demographic) that removing the directory ads had no impact on rentals. Save the money$$

Eddie Stallings on Saturday 12/16/2017 at 10:03PM wrote:

William, I was a skeptic and very old school about phone book listings but I gave in and canceled ours several years ago and we never missed a beat!! Good luck!

Stevie Harris on Friday 01/05/2018 at 09:27AM wrote:

Hi William, I agree with what's been stated by the group. Yellow Book advertising is dying out in favor of online advertising, due to the digital age we're in. If you're wondering what your YB budget could look like in terms of digital advertising, I'm happy to get you in contact with my team at The Storage Group. Our partners owned self storage facilities for many years and found a lack of marketing expertise specific to the self storage industry to be very frustrating. Like any good entrepreneurs, if there's no viable solution, they create one instead.

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