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Storage requirements regarding a customer in the military

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Military towns, We have a customer that just recently went into the military and last she said was going to Japan. I have tried calling her at all times of the day and no answer, now phone just says the customer I'm trying to reach isn't taking calls at this time. I have sent several letters and all have been returned to us. We cut lock this morning and it really looks like stuff she just left behind, not needing in Japan. We know military rules are different and most definitely don't want to break rules that we need to handle this. Also can we move it into a smaller unit until we complete this procedure? Thank you

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Kevin Leebrick on Wednesday 01/10/2018 at 09:54AM wrote:

You are refering to the SCRA , Service members Civil Relief Act. Hopefully you are using the NCSSA "sanctioned" lease and had them fill out their military information on it, AKA Grade Unit address etc.
If you collected this information, you need to reach out the the command of their unit to the address listed. The military takes this very serious, when folks who are not deployed to the theater, and Japan is not, don't pay their bills.
Before moving the belongs I would again reach out to the unit command and see if you can't get resolution.

I hope this helps!

Kris in NC on Thursday 01/11/2018 at 04:21PM wrote:

You cannot sell it. did they list an alternate? Do they have family locally? I'd try them first. Definitely contact the command if you have the information. If not, try emailing every American command in Japan, there aren't that many. Try the office of the Command Master Chief (Navy). I assume the Air Force has a command Master Sergeant. They all have emails. Include everything you know about her-name, rank if you know it etc. Rattle the bushes and see what happens. If after all of that nothing happens, you can definitely move everything to a smaller unit-but DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT. Photos, 2 people at all times while items are being moved. Then redo paperwork but keep old paperwork with it.

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