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A-1 Storage Solutions - Katie Nitt

I have all newly built climate controlled units with the oldest building being 1-1/2 years open. I have a customer that is beside the door complaining of mold growing in their unit. We keep the heat and a/c at reasonable temperatures. What should I tell this customer? Also, is there a way to treat each unit after someone moves out to help protect from mold growth?

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Barbara Hancock on Wednesday 01/31/2018 at 10:19AM wrote:

Don't know if this will help, but we have our HVAC units to set to run the fans when humidity gets high. Maybe running your fans more than when needed for heating or cooling will help. If humidity is not the issue, how is the moisture needed for mold to grow getting into that unit?

Kris in NC on Wednesday 01/31/2018 at 10:41AM wrote:

First you need to see if anyone else in their area has complained about mold (is there a leak? etc.). If not, then it could have been an issue with the weather when they moved in-if their things were wet when they moved in then they need to figure it out. (heat and cooling should remove moisture automatically)
You can buy Dri-it and place that in your moved out units and see how long it takes to harden.
If there's not been an issue-you can say, "It's not an issue with our building-what we can do is you take care of your moldy items because mold spreads, and we'll give you a comparable unit for half price the first month. However the mold must be dealt with before those items return to storage." Then give them the number of a mold remediation specialist in the area. IT should say in your contract that you're not responsible for mold etc. and since your buildings are practically brand new...

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