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Death of a tenant

A Storage Place - Jerry

Concerning the death of a tenant, normally the next of kin or the executor of the deceased's estate contacts us, and generally pays any outstanding balance. We have a situation now where the deceased's sister contacted us once, but no longer will correspond with us. We are not sure if there even is an executor.
Does anyone have experience with this situation? How would NC Lien Law apply in this case as far as auctioning the unit? Thanks!

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Joline fish on Thursday 04/19/2018 at 04:14PM wrote:

I have a similar situation. One of our tenants has died. A friend is contacting us to get title to car out of unit. They do want access to unit but don't want to pay outstanding balance. She has key to his unit but is not on his lease and is unwilling to pay balance. Even if she was willing to pay balance, I feel like it would be wrong to let her have access. What is law. Do I need to continue to over look unit and see if anyone comes with probated will? When can I auction? Thanks!

Kevin Leebrick on Thursday 05/10/2018 at 11:58AM wrote:

I would begin by checking the lease. Is there an emergency contact listed on the Lease or a Customer Information Sheet. If there is a contact there begin calling on them.
Like Jerry said, often times next of kin will reach out. If they are not listed on the account you should NOT give out any access information.

Jonline, if the former tenant gave her access she can get in, IF the account is current. If not, no access. She will need to pay the balance, that's straight forward.

You will be notified is the belongs are wrapped in probate.

If you have not you can begin auction proceedings etc to get the unit open and back to producing income.

Good Luck and feel free to reach out.

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