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NCSSA Lease Agreement Question

Elite Storage LLC - Rhonda Coggins

In the NCSSRA #2 it states after 30 days or more delinquent there will be a lein fee and the auction charges can start that goes along with the NC state law. However on #9 B It states on the 15th day of continuous default lessor may enforce its lein on the personal property. This shows two different sets of days. Is there a legal amount of days from the 15 days and or 30 days that has to be given for the actual sell of the items after the 15 and or 30 days it is delinquent?

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Kevin Leebrick on Wednesday 06/20/2018 at 04:37PM wrote:

So these are two different things. One is spelling out the actual Lien Law when you could do it the other is what you are actually going to do. you have to wait no less then 20 days after notifying tenant of the lien before you sell. 5 days before the sale you must post the sale in a public forum.

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