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HVAC question

Randolph Storage - Barry Betts

I am building my facility and have an HVAC question. I have several single story 150’x60’ climate control units with a concourse style hallway. Several HVAC people have recommended differing tonnage, duct work etc. How do you know which is best and not oversized. They have all done storage buildings before. Engineers are also giving different opinions. I was in residential construction for years and my homes seemed very cut and dry. Thank you.

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Mike Gillikin - Imperial Deisgn Builders on Thursday 07/26/2018 at 02:10PM wrote:

We are doing about 1,200 SF per ton on all of our projects.

Mike Miller on Thursday 07/26/2018 at 03:55PM wrote:

We use 1750 - 2000 sf per ton. Got this from a fellow in Louisiana. The idea is to make the equipment work harder to pull more moisture out. Figured if it worked down there it would be fine in western NC.

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