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Meet Your NCSSA Board Member! Kevin Leebrick

Kevin Leebrick                                                 

In 2010, Kevin stumbled into the storage industry and found a passion. Starting with a mid-sized storage operator in the Charlotte, NC market, Kevin began his career in the industry as a store manager. As a store manager Kevin demonstrated the ability to increase both revenues and occupancy quickly in a highly competitive environment. During this time, he began to oversee the operations and management of other locations for the operator. Proving his worth, he quickly moved up in the company and within 3 years of starting, was able to buy into an ownership position with Charlotte operator, Carolina Storage Now.

In 2016, Kevin began helping other clients run more efficient and profitable operations through consulting, education and management of their properties. Clients he has worked with range from locally owned and operated facilities to a publicly traded REIT.

Kevin’s focus with Dynamic Self Storage Solutions now lies in sharing his extensive knowledge to help clients improve their operational performance and teach them how to do Self Storage Right.

Kevin has contributed to ISS Magazine for several articles over the years and has been active in the NCSSA as a board member for since 2015.


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